A specialist building contractor for public and listed buildings

Public buildings

As a contractor that has served the public sector for many years, we know of the often time-critical nature of such projects, and appreciate that a public building may well serve as a vital community asset. Beyond excellent project management to ensure a return or introduction to public service in as short a time as possible, our quality of construction delivers buildings that will stand the test of time, under even the heaviest of footfalls. Our public-building experience includes work on courts, police stations, libraries and council offices.

When working in a ‘live’ environment, where public service must go on, we invest time and consideration in the ways in which we can ensure minimal inconvenience, while also maintaining the health and safety of your staff and members of the public.

In addition, we have first-hand experience of constructing sustainable, energy-efficient buildings that are required to meet certain recognised standards.

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Listed buildings

To work on a listed building is to be tasked with the preservation of history. We understand the informed, considered and measured approach such a building requires.

While with any other form of construction we provide a completely in-house team of tradesmen, listed buildings sometimes require the skills of highly specialised artisans such as masons, who undertake the repointing, cleaning and matching of existing mortar and brickwork, and joiners, who provide bespoke second-fix timber. We have a comprehensive network of local craftsmen – professionals who understand original materials and age-old techniques. In this way, we ensure the heritage and character of the listed buildings we work on are beautifully maintained while undertaking critical renovation and restoration works. Our previous projects include listed public buildings, public houses, churches, chapels and synagogues.

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